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You have questions. We have answers.

These groups (anywhere from 3-20 people) meet on our campus here at 2526 Lebanon Pike in Nashville. You can expect a mix of teaching + discussion when you visit!

A Home Group is any group (typically 6-12 people) that meets off-campus. No need to worry about "fitting in"- these groups are not topically driven or gender/age specific!

We believe that real life change happens when we do life together. Life Groups and Home Groups are designed to be an avenue of support, encouragement, and growth for believers and those seeking to learn more about who Jesus is. 

It depends! We have Life Groups and Home groups that meet weekly, biweekly, and monthly. There's a group for whatever your schedule allows!

WE LOVE KIDS! That's why we have Life Groups for our pre-kindergarten kids to our 12th grade students. And when it comes to Home Groups, bring them along!

Feel free to reach out to a LG or HG leader (info provided below) to get details on their group and the next meeting! Or, if you'd like some help finding your niche, call the church office at 615.883.2339. We'd love to get you plugged in!

Home Groups

Jeffrey + Amy Smith / Stephen + Cristin Fisher

Meets Monthly: Sunday @ 5:30p

Contact Stephen: stephen.fisher@donelsonfirst.com

Location: Donelson


Deborah + Randy Barron

Meets Monthly: Sunday @ 6p

Contact Deborah: deborah.barron@donelsonfirst.com

Location: Donelson

Angie + Wayne Tucker

Meets Bimonthly: First + Third Sunday @ 6p

Contact Wayne: wtucker@bellsouth.net

Location: Donelson


Betty Maddox + Sue Bryson

Meets Monthly: Third Tuesday @ 10a

Contact Betty: bethamer058@gmail.com

Location: Nashville


Ken + DeAnne Davis

Meets Monthly: Sunday @ 5:30p

Contact Ken: kdavis@midsouthwire.com

Location: Nashville



Sundays @ 9:02a Fellowship Hall
Contact Us: office@donelsonfirst.com

Starting Septemeber 11th

Interested in becoming a member of Donelson First? This 4 part recurring class covers who we are, what we believe, and how you can get involved and become a member at DF!


Sunday @ 9:02a + Wednesday @ 6:33p Kids Area Floor 2
Contact Meagan: meagan.charlton@donelsonfirst.com

The goal of this group is to help facilitate a child's curiosity for God's Word in a fun + engaging way. Parents are always welcome to attend.


Sunday @ 9:02a + Wednesday @ 6:33p Kids Area Floor 2
Contact Meagan: meagan.charlton@donelsonfirst.com

Developing Christ-like leaders at the 1-5 grade level by engaging in God's Word and participating in activities that spark questions and conversations.


Sunday @ 9:02a + Wednesday @ 6:33p The Annex
Contact Stephen: stephen.fisher@donelsonfirst.com

Students grades 7-12 that spend time worshiping, learning, and doing life together! This group meets weekly to learn how God's Word applies to real world situations. Plus, there are snacks.


Sundays @ 9:02a Room 203
Contact Jude: jude.charlton@donelsonfirst.com

YA is the college + young adult ministry of Donelson First. If you enjoy hanging out, drinking coffee (or tea!), and studying the Word, then you will enjoy navigating the craziness of young adulthood with this group!

First Ladies

Sunday @ 9:02a Room 209
Contact Amy @ amy.smith@donelsonfirst.com

Donelson First's group where women of all ages come together to study, pray, and laugh a whole lot! First Ladies goes through a variety of different Bible studies throughout the year while also meeting occasionally for fellowship events.

Primera Iglesia

Sunday @ 9:02a Room 212
Contact Rigo: 615.631.3958

Groups of various ages meeting with the hispanic congregation of Primera Iglesia Bautista de Donelson on campus. 


Sundays @ 9:02a Room 107
Contact Chris: chris.basescu@gmail.com

A group of senior adults who love to dive deep into Scritpure. This group meets weekly to study & discuss while fostering relationships throughout the week.


Sunday @ 9:02a Room 206
Contact Jeff: jeff-burke@comcast.net

Group of young adults + parents that study scripture, enjoy fellowship and dive into life's struggles + successes with transparency.

M.A.S.H. (Mature Adults Seeking Heaven)

Sunday @ 9:02a Room 211
Contact Clyde: cdhicks51@gmail.com

Group thriving on authentic conversation about real life issues. We claim the truth of God's Word and know that the Lord is close to the brokenhearted. Join us for deep conversations + loads of laughter.


Sunday @ 9:02a Room 208
Contact Troy: troy@troycharlton.com

A group that is made up of soon-to-be or already empty nesters desiring to encounter God each day of their lives.


Sunday @ 9:02a Room 106
Contact Jim: gilbertjim@ymail.com

A group of older adults continuously seeking God's truth, will + wisdom for their lives through prayer, study, and thoughtful discussions.

Special Ministries

Sunday @ 9:02a Room 103
Contact Ruth: ruthloper@att.net

A  class for adults with special needs to feel welcome. We sing, pray, and enjoy studying God's Word together. We welcome class members and caregivers!


Beginning in September 11

Sunday @ 9:02a Room 102
Contact Ken: kdavis@midsouthwire.com

A support group where you will find encouragement, hope, and healing after a marriage breakup.


Sunday @ 9:02a Room 105
Contact Juette: dayjuette@gmail.com

A group of senior women who embody the acrostic JOY: Jesus first. Others second. Yourself last. 

Donelson First Bros

Sunday @ 9:02a Room 205
Contact Jim: cdstt55@yahoo.com

A group for the men of Donelson First! God said in His Word that we are to be the spiritual leader in our homes. We will endeavor to share experiences in a safe place and to build men of God and of His Word.


First Tuesday @ 10a Room 105
Contact Nadine: nadine_bruner@baylor.edu

Women on Mission gathers to offer opportunities + resources to be involved with missions!

Mountain Women

Monday @ 6:30p Library
Contact Melissa: melissa29.md@gmail.com

A group where women of all ages come together to study God’s Word! This group is a great fit for people who cannot attend other Life Groups on Sunday mornings. “Mountain Women” references the Sermon on the Mount, which is our first Bible study together!