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Donelson First has served as a cornerstone in Donelson since 1912. Today, it continues to serve as a beacon on the hill to those in the greater Nashville area.

Today, Donelson is becoming known as a most desired place to live. Doneslon is now cited as the "15th most desired zip code in the United States."

Historically, Colonel John Donelson, for whom Donelson was named, was a member of the Virginia Assembly, who was appointed along with James Robertson to lead the western expansion of members of the Watauga Settlement of North Carolina and East Tennessee. These families traveled under the leadership of Donelson and Robertson to reside in the city we know now as Nashville. He was a land surveyor, an iron manufacturer, & was known for his flagship barge, the "Adventure".

He and his wife, Rachel Shockley had eleven children, which included their twelve year old daughter Rachel. His daughter would later marry Andrew Jackson and become the "First Lady" as he took the position as President of the United States. The Donelson family settled at Clover Bottom (present site of the YMCA and Jackson Downs Shopping Center), near the bank of the Stones River, but floods and Indian raids forced the family to move to Mansker's Station and later north to Kentucky.   

Not only did John Donelson become an influence in Middle Tennessee, but from this family came the second generation of sixty-three, which included pioneers, businessmen, politicians and due to their relationship with Andrew Jackson, they are noted as national influences in American history.

From the early 1900's, those who came to the connections of Stewart's Ferry Pike, Lebanon Pike, and Donelson Pike would stop at one of many major fresh water springs in Donelson for refreshment and a time to picnic.

Today, Donelson First draws from not only the Donelson area, but the Greater Nashville area, with some traveling more than 60 miles to reach us!